Who Is YOUR King?

Tonight at my JGroup (or Bible study), we where wrapping up Pricilla Shier’s Gideon Bible study.  *Side Note: It’s petty fantastic, go check it out!! Tonight in the study we discussed Judges 8:23. To sum up Gideon’s story, he was chosen by God to lead an army to help defeat Midianites and help save the … More Who Is YOUR King?

For Logan 💙

My heart is absolutely breaking for a kid and a family I have never even met before. Please keep the Eubanks in your thoughts and prayers as well as the students at North Augusta High School, Element Student Ministries, and anyone else who may have been affected by his death.  Losing an old friend to … More For Logan 💙

Let’s Be Kind

In light of recent events, I simply want to take the time to express some things that are weighing heavily on my heart. Just yesterday people were waking up to news of who our new president will be. Everyone has an opinion. Tension is high for some and low for others. Emotions are ranging from … More Let’s Be Kind